General Terms and Conditions

§ 1 - Scope and Protective Clause

(1) The legal relations founded via this online shop between the operator of the shop (hereinafter called “Supplier”) and its Customers only the following General Terms of Business in the respective version at the time of placing the order are valid.
(2) In the act of shipping orders, as well as in the acceptance of deliveries, the Customer acknowledges the following Terms of Business, Delivery and Payment as being binding.
(3) The Customer is solely responsible for the possession of the required qualification for the use of the respective products and for the compliance of all legal requirements involved in their use.
(4) Differing General Terms of Business made by the Customer shall be repudiated.

§ 2 - Formation of the Contract

(1) Presentation of articles in the online shop does not constitute a binding proposal from the Supplier to conclude a deed of sale. This merely serves as an invitation for the Customer to place an order.
(2) By sending the order to the online shop the Customer makes a binding offer aimed at the conclusion of a sale deed for the goods among those in the shopping basket on display. By sending the order the Customer also acknowledges these terms of business alone being authoritative for the legal relationship with the Supplier.
(3) The Supplier shall confirm the receipt of the Customer’s order by sending a confirmation via email. This confirmation of the receipt of order does not yet constitute an acceptance of the offer to enter a contract by the Supplier. It only serves as information for the Customer that the order has been received by the Supplier. Declaration of the acceptance of the offer to enter a contract is done upon delivery of goods or by means of a specific declaration of acceptance.
(4) All stated prices are calculated ex-warehouse in the United Kingdom, including statutory VAT, packing, delivery, training charges or other ancillary services.
(5) A contract for participation in an event is automatically deemed valid with the payment of the fees that have been stipulated by the participant.

§ 3 - Delivery and Reservation of Proprietary Rights

(1) Goods delivered shall remain under the ownership of the Supplier until full payment for the same.
(2) Goods available in stock are usually dispatched on the day of receipt of payment provided the order is received before 11:00 AM, however no later than the next working day. Insured dispatch is optional in the case of letters and mandatory as a rule for small parcels and packages, and therefore subject to a signature of acceptance from the recipient. Any custom duties levied are to be borne by the customer. HRH HILL Ltd. is not liable for a delay in deliveries and any inconvenience arising therefrom if the supplier is not responsible for the delay. This is particularly applicable also in the case of the “Express Delivery” option. The supplier has no bearing on the performance and reliability of the courier services. Reimbursement of express delivery charges is therefore excluded.
(3) Should goods sent be returned to the Supplier out of reasons for which the Supplier is not accountable, then they shall be re-dispatched only against reimbursement of costs. Should the Customer dispense with a renewed dispatch of goods then the Supplier is entitled to deduct forwarding charges already advanced while reimbursing the purchase price.

§ 4 - Due Date

Payment of the purchase price is due upon conclusion of the contract and before the delivery is made. Payment by check or cash on delivery is not permissible.

§ 5 - Warranty and Cancellation

(1) Warranty rights of the Customer are in accordance with the general legal stipulations unless anything otherwise has been decided upon subsequently. The stipulation under § 6 of this contract is applicable for damage claims made by the Customer against the Supplier.
(2) Returned goods can only be accepted if they are in an undamaged, unused and flawless condition and are retained in the original packing. It forms the responsibility of the Buyer to pack the goods well while returning them and to protect them from damage in transport. Freight charges for the return of goods shall be borne by the Buyer.
(3) A booking made for participation in an event is binding and is regarded as a binding commitment once the fees are paid. The payment made is withheld in case of non-participation.
In view of the organizational efforts in planning, in case of cancellation, a claim for reimbursement of the fees already paid can be met at the following rate: up to 4 weeks before the event 100%, up to 2 weeks before the event 70%, up to 1 week before the event 50%, less than a week before the event 20%.
The Supplier reserves the right to refuse. Fees already paid shall be refunded; claims for cancellation or damage are excluded.

§ 6 - Disclaimer of Warranty, Copyright

(1) Damage claims by the Customer are excluded unless otherwise agreed upon subsequently. The aforementioned immunity from damage claims also extends to the legal representative and assistants of the Supplier in case the Customer asserts claims against them.
(2) Damage claims made because of loss of life or limb, injury to body or health, and those for a fundamental breach of contractual obligations constitute the exclusions to those listed under number 1 for immunity from damage claims. Fundamental contractual obligations constitute those that are required to fulfil the objectives of the contract, e.g. the Supplier is obliged to hand over goods that are free from material defects, do not bear a flaw in title and to provide the ownership of the same. Likewise, claim for damages arising from deliberate and gross negligence of obligations by the Supplier, his legal representative or assistants are excluded from immunity from damage claims.
Provisions of the Product Liability Act remain unaffected.
(3) No liability is assumed for damages incurred because of a lack of knowledge and improper use of the Suppliers products by the Customer.
(4) The Supplier also distances himself expressly from the contents and graphics of all linked homepages and disassociates from them. This declaration is also valid for all the links indicated on this website.
(5) The name and logo of the Supplier are registered trademarks and enjoy copyright protection. Those who wholly or partly use or imitate the contents without acquiring the required right of use commit copyright infringement with legal consequences.

§ 7 - Prohibition of Assignment and Hypothecation

Assignment or hypothecation by the Customer of the claims or rights owed to the Supplier without the consent of the Supplier is prohibited if the Customer does not substantiate a legitimate interest in the assignment or hypothecation.

§ 8 - Offset

Customers right to offset exists only if his claim for offset is established as final and absolute or is undisputed.

§ 9 - Choice of Law and Place of Jurisdiction

(1) The Spanish law is applicable for the contractual relations between the Supplier and Customer. The mandatory provisions on consumer protection of the country in which the Customer is based are exempt from this choice of law. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is not applicable.
(2) The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship is the domicile of the Supplier unless it concerns a dealer, corporate body under public law or special assets under public law in the case of the Customer.

§ 10 - Severability Clause

Should a clause of this General Terms of Business be rendered invalid this does not affect the validity of the rest of the clauses.

§ 11 - Information Collection

The Supplier may collect non-personally identifiable data via cookies issued by Google Ads' network during the process of checking out, where a cookie is a piece of data stored on the user's computer tied to information about the user. Such data is collected solely for the purpose of conversion tracking. For full details regarding Google's cookie policies, please refer to their privacy policy and/or general terms of service.

§ 12 - Returns and Exchanges

The supplier endeavours to ship products and provide services of only the highest quality. Due to issues of hygiene, the supplier cannot accept product returns after the packaging has been opened.
Returns and exchanges of unopened, resealable products are accepted within fourteen (14) days of the date on the original purchase receipt. Buyer will be credited with his or her purchase price, less shipping, and less a 20% restocking fee for all authorized returns.
In case we need to return you money for paid to us with a card contracted or delivered/performed goods or services, we will refund you by a credit transaction on the card used for the original purchase.

§ 13 - Payment Terms

We accept the following cards: Mastercard, Mastercard Electronic, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY. Please note that your V PAY or Mastercard Electronic card will be accepted only if it is registered for participation in the online authentication schemes Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode.

The maximum amount per transaction when paying with credit/debit card is 5,000 GBP.

In case we need to return you money for paid to us with a card contracted or delivered/performed goods or services, we will refund you by a credit transaction on the card used for the original purchase.

§ 14 - Data Transfer Safeguards

In order to guard you against fraud during payment with your Visa or Mastercard card, we apply best practices recommended by the international card organizations:

  • The security during entry and transport of card data is provided by the use of an SSL protocol for encryption of the connection between our server and the payment server of our servicing bank. 
  • The authenticity of your card is checked by the verification of the card verification value (CVV).

In addition, for your identification as the authentic cardholder, the payment server of our servicing bank supports the authentication schemes of the international card organizations – “Verified by Visa” and “Mastercard SecureCode”, in case you are registered to use them.

§ 15 - Inbound Customer Inquiries

We shall accept inquiries from customers in the form of regular email and via our ticketing system. In order to assist you in the best possible and most efficient way, for existing customers, we require that all incoming inquiries be placed by specifying the email address associated with the order(s) you have placed. In case you have registered an account but have yet to place an order, we require that you place your inquiry with the email address under which your account is registered. For all inquiries from non-registered customers who have yet to place an order, please use any email address of your choosing. However, after choosing an initial email, please contact us using the same email address or there will be no record of your previous communications.