Pets Imperial® Norfolk Insulated Dog Kennel Medium

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    Pets Imperial® Norfolk Medium Insulated Dog Kennel


    • Overall dimensions: 87.5 cm (W) x 57.5 cm (D) x 58 cm (H); Size of access door: 24 cm (W) x 36 cm (H)
    • Integrated Styrofoam insulation keeps your dog warm in winter and cool in summer
    • Raised floor remains dry at all times and protects your pet from the cold, damp and moisture
    • Opening roof and removable floor allow for easy cleaning, maintenance, and pest control
    • Rot-free plastic caps protect the legs from moisture and increase durability
    • Perfectly leveled thanks to height-adjustable rot-free plastic feet
    • Height-adjustable floor support rails for dogs weighing up to 70 kg
    • Front access door with PVC strip curtain reduces drafts, keeps out snow, rain and damp
    • Made from animal friendly treated timber, solid tongue and groove assembly, designed to last for years
    • Comes flat-packed with instructions, requires assembly

    Detailed Information

    Are you looking for an outdoor shelter where your dog can feel safe, cozy and secure? Dogs need a den, or a small space just for them, where they can curl up, relax and spend time in a comforting and homey environment so they can recharge and be their friendly and happy self when they come out.

    The ideal doghouse for your dog is one which is big enough for him to stand in without hitting his head (should be around 10 cm than him) and wide enough so he can make a circle like he does when he’s choosing a spot to sit. So it’s up to you to measure your dog and decide if the dimensions of the kennel meet your needs. 

    The Medium Norfolk Kennel by Pets Imperial has the following dimensions: 87.5 cm (W) x 57.5 cm (D) x 58 cm (H). You would also need to consider the size of the access door which has the following dimensions: 24 cm (W) x 36 cm (H).medium size norfolk dog kennel dimensions

    The Norfolk Dog Kennel has an outstanding design and build quality, making it the perfect all-season outdoor dog kennel. It is made from high-quality fir wood which has been treated and is precisely cut. The kennel’s panels use tongue and groove joints and are of high quality, please see the images supplied which illustrate this point.

    It features insulation on the front, back, and side panels. The insulation consists of three layers -  a layer of 1.2 cm thick timber, a layer of 1.3 cm thick Styrofoam, and a plywood board layer of 0.2cm thickness. This design will keep your dog warm in winter and cool in summer. The walls of this doghouse are over 150% thicker than most competing products

    layers of insulation on dog kennel

    The Norfolk Dog Kennel boasts a traditional shed roof design with an asphalt layer on top. An asphalt roof protects the wood structure from rainwater and will increase the durability so that your kennel lasts for many years. The asphalt roof also provides insulation and protection from the elements.

    To complete this cozy shelter, a PVC strip curtain is attached to the entrance of the kennel. Its purpose is to reduce drafts, keep out rain, snow, flies and other pesky bugs away. 

    The health of your dog is the most important thing to consider when buying a kennel. This is why you shouldn’t buy a kennel whose roof can't be opened. Why? Because an opening roof allows for much better hygiene

    norfolk dog house medium with open roof

    It's essential that you can access all parts of your kennel for regular cleaning, maintenance, and check for fleas, ticks, lice, and other harmful parasites that will hide in the nooks and crannies of the kennel. This is why the roof of your Medium Norfolk Kennel opens up wide with two locking arms, allowing full access to the interior parts of the doghouse, including access to the removable floor panels.

    In order to ensure that the surface your dog will be laying on remains dry, the floor of this dog kennel is raised. It has 5 cm ground clearance and allows air to circulate under the kennel, keeping it comfortably dry and protecting your dog from the damp and cold in the winter; the rain and moisture in the summer. 

    Your kennel is made from animal friendly treated timber, designed to last for years. To provide even more durability to the construction, the feet of your Medium Norfolk Kennel are covered by rot-free adjustable plastic caps.

    dog cabin plastic feet

    We know that your yard might not be perfectly level, so we’ve integrated height-adjustable rot-free plastic feet. These allow for individual adjustment of each leg of the dog kennel and compensate for uneven ground so that your kennel is perfectly level and comfortable for your dog.

    The same adjustable rot-free plastic feet are also present on the supporting rails beneath the floor. We’ve made sure that the floor of the kennel will not sag in time under the weight of your dog, no matter how heavy it is. These support rails have been designed to fortify/support the floor of the kennel for a load of up to 70 kg.

    Your kennel is flat-packed and should reach you in great shape with no transport defects (always check the package for damage before accepting it). The package includes clear, easy to follow assembly instructions.

    Buy now with complete confidence.