Pets Imperial® Grey Ritz Chicken Coop

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    Pets Imperial® Grey Ritz Chicken Coop


    • Dimensions of coop incl nest boxes and run: 165 cm (W) x 170 cm (D) x 90cm (H)
    • Suitable for 1-2 medium-sized birds, or up to 3-4 small-sized birds (bantams)
    • Nesting area with 2 individual nesting spaces
    • Two roosting perches inside
    • Nesting area with opening lid for easy egg collection
    • Pull-out tray/dropping board covered with galvanised metal for easy cleaning
    • Lockable doors – totally fox proof
    • Waterproof asphalt roof
    • Ventilation window with wire mesh
    • Made from animal-friendly treated timber, solid tongue and groove assembly, designed to last for years
    • Also suitable for other small animals like rabbits, ferrets, fowl, duck, guinea pig, quail
    • Comes flat packed in two boxes, requires assembly, clear instructions
    • All parcels will be shipped together but could arrive separately, depending on how the courier organises their daily deliveries

    Detailed Information

    The Ritz Chicken Coop has an amazing design, which inspires a feeling of luxury and affluence. This is a chicken coop that stands out and makes a wonderful addition to any garden. It is available in two stunning colour schemes – grey with white accents and a bordeaux roof (Ritz Grey), and natural wood stain with white accents and a green roof (Ritz Green).

    Its approximate dimensions are 165 cm (W) x 170 cm (D) x 90 cm (H).

    grey ritz coop dimensions

    The Ritz Chicken Coop is a combination of a classic gable roof main living area and a beautiful arch-shaped run area with a circular window and door. The size of the Ritz is appropriate for up to 3-4 small-sized birds (bantams). When purchasing, please note that different species will have different living requirements and the above capacity of the coop is only an approximation based on customer feedback.

    Most of the run is covered by wire mesh to let sunlight in and provide a place for your birds to roam around, sunbathe, dust bathe, forage on grass.

    The nesting area inside is separated into two compartments. Note that this does not necessarily limit the coop’s capacity to just two chickens as they typically huddle together to keep warm and tend to share the nesting compartments.

    Like all good modern chicken coops, the Ritz provides easy access to the nesting compartment. Simply lift the lid up for easy egg collection or maintenance and cleaning.

    The health of your birds is of paramount importance and that goes hand in hand with having good hygiene. To simplify cleaning, the Ritz offers a pull-out tray/droppings board that sits below the indoor area. The tray itself is coated in galvanised metal to facilitate cleaning and ensure durability.

    ritz pull out tray

    This coop not only looks great but is also functional. Suitable ventilation is ensured by a round mesh-covered window.

    The Ritz Chicken Coop boasts a pitched shed roof design with an asphalt layer on top, which makes it 100% waterproof. Not only will your birds remain dry when raining outside, but draining the water away from the coop means that its construction is protected from water damage and will last a long time.

    asphalt roof of grey ritz coop

    An additional benefit of the asphalt roof is its insulating ability. In the summer it keeps the heat away, while in winter it keeps the warmth inside, therefore keeping your birds happy, healthy, and laying!

    Your coop is supplied flat-packed and should reach you in great shape with no transport defects (always check the package for damage before accepting it). Please note that the Ritz Chicken Coop comes in TWO packages which may be delivered separately. The packages include clear, easy to follow assembly instructions.

    Buy now with complete confidence.