Pets Imperial® 1.4 m Run for Balmoral Chicken Coop

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    Pets Imperial® 1.4 m Run for Balmoral Chicken Coop


    • Dimensions: 140 cm (W) x 107 cm (D) x 76 cm (H)
    • Can be attached to the front or rear of the Pets Imperial Balmoral Double Chicken Coop
    • You can buy and use multiple conjoined runs to get a larger run length of 2.8 m, 4.2 m, 5.6 m, etc.
    • Made from animal-friendly treated timber, designed to last for years.
    • Comes flat-packed, requires assembly, clear instructions.

    Detailed Information

    This chicken run is a fenced and enclosed outdoor space that you can attach to the Balmoral Double Chicken Coop, to provide a place for the birds to roam around, sunbathe, dust bathe, forage on grass.

    It is designed to fit snuggly next to the coop and will provide some protection against foxes and other predators so that your birds are safe in case you forget to lock them in at night. We do not recommend that you often do this, as foxes are known to be very smart and can dig their way into the enclosure. This is why you should always keep your birds under supervision when not locked in the coop.

    It is advisable that you provide each chicken with about 10 square feet of space. This run allows you to extend the chicken coop so that the birds have the space they need to move around, while at the same time you’re not letting them freely roam your yard.

    balmoral run

    Keep in mind that a small run will not always allow for full-time confinement without stressing the flock. When placed in a small run, chickens will quickly eat the grass down to dirt and with nothing else to forage on, they’re likely to start picking on one another.

    This is why you should consider installing multiple runs for full-time confinement. Alternatively, you can swap the location of the run every now and then, or you can let the chickens out while under your supervision so that they don’t wander too far.

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